Joshua Jogo is a Nigerian born British Politician with love for political innovation and strategy in a changing society. His political slogan is ‘integrity and accountability are twin brothers’. He is a member of the ruling Conservative Party. He was the community spokesman for the Conservative Party for Stanwell and Stanwell Moor based in Staines, Surrey, United Kingdom during the County Council Elections in 2009. He is a member of the Spelthorne Conservative Association and serves as a member on the executive committee board representing his local constituency of Stanwell and Stanwell Moor. He was the first black ever to win nomination to run for office on the platform of the Conservative Party in Surrey in 2009.

Joshua is passionate about seeing political change occur in Africa where the rule of law, social justice, integrity, honesty, transparency and accountability are the hallmarks of the African political process. Working with GTA and partners on a collaborative project to bring voting in Africa to the blockchain and eliminate election fraud for good.

He is a blockchain evangelist very enthusiastic about decentralised fintech holds many stakes in Bitcoin and Altcoins. He believes strongly that emerging blockchain technology holds the key to solutions of many of the world’s financial and economic problems, especially in Africa. He is pioneering a collaborative project that brings farming and food security to the Blockchain and eliminates hunger for many of the world’s poorest.

He is an educator and the CEO of Heathrow Training Services Ltd UK and Heathrow Cyber Services Nig Ltd. He runs a centre for Leadership and Management training based at Stanwell Surrey, England and oversees a skills acquisition programme funded by the British Government in the UK.

A final year postgraduate student of Northumbria University London where he is studying for a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Computing and IT. He is an expert in Website Development and Deployment, Programme Design and Implementation, System Analysis and Design. Computer Networks and Operating Systems, Database Modelling, Programme Design and Implementation, Research Methods and Project Management.