Senior executive with a unique talent for integrating experience, theory and strategic initiatives (both others’ and my own), to produce innovative solutions that successfully and sustainably fulfill the end for which they were devised. Thanks to my client-focus and analytical capabilities, I identify added-value market opportunities, to exploit with teamwork. By reaching a B2B market with solutions that meet identified needs, I manage to foster longer-term relationships with a better operating margin and greater protection from competitor interference. I enjoy working with multidisciplinary teams that guarantee customer retention, since delegation is key to motivation.

Resilient and perseverant, I successfully started up three businesses from scratch (the consulting activity at Arccos, TCRe in Spain & Portugal and Global Trade Services at Fortis). The consultancy project at Arccos just began to take shape in April 2014, whereas at TCRe and Fortis, I grew the ventures to maturity: business development, risk management, workflow optimization, policies and procedures, cost contention, etc.